What is 4G Network? Facts and Benefits Revealed

Published: 27th July 2011
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Are you familiar with 4G network? What is the difference between 3G and 4G? These are just some questions commonly asked by individuals who are curious of what is 4g network.

With the advancement of technology and computers, telecommunications industry also transitioned along with. Due to constant improvements in technology, one can hardly keep track and keep abreast of the latest breakthroughs and innovations in the market. Moreover, we see myriad new products shown on television everyday.

Previously, we had 2G and 3G, but with constant research and effort to bring comfort and convenience to customers, telecommunications companies invented 4g network.

At present, wireless broadband technology provides consumers with improved mobility, increased data rate and wider broadband coverage.

What is 4G?

It is the fourth generation of wireless communications developed to provide high speed broadband mobile capacities, higher data transfer speed and improved sound quality. It is developed to provide secure and comprehensive Internet Protocol solutions at a faster speed than 1G, 2G and 3G. To know more about 4G, its benefits and its attributes, read the article below.

What is 4G Network and how it differs from 3G?

4G is much faster than 3G because it has a speed of up to 100 megabytes per second (Mbps) while 3G only has a maximum speed of up to 3.1 Mbps. 3G network enables you to have reliable access from your Internet to your smart phone, but you cannot do certain tasks because of limited data transfer speed. Both networks differ in speed, network and bandwidth.

Now that you know what is 4G network, its time to know its other attributes.

Attributes of 4G Network
Speed It is four times faster compared to 3G which connection speed is comparable to home cable networks and digital subscriber line (DSL). Faster connection is important in accomplishing important tasks in the office, uploading documents and communicating through the use of the Internet.
Network It allows users to access data at higher speeds even when they are talking to their phones. It allows great amount of Internet support and permits several data transmission of different types of services like multimedia and games.
Bandwidth Even though 3G and 4G have the same bandwidth which is 20 mega Hertz (MHz), there is great difference in data rate. The data rate of 3G can only go up to 2 Mbps, 4G can go as much as 100 Mbps to 1 gigabytes per second (Gbps).
4G allows you to have better control of your phone because you can forward calls from your telephone to your cell phone or vice-versa. You can also block calls from anonymous individuals and companies.
It has a voice plan that lets you listen and receive voicemails.
It allows you to have better connection and unlimited long distance calls.
It is so advanced and practical that allows users to use different tasks in their cell phones.

If you are technology savvy person, for sure, you can find 4G network advantageous to you.

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